Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Our deepest desire is to in some way improve our lives. Whether that improvement translates as more money, better athletic or intellectual achievement, a more satisfying career, or a passionate love life, we all want to be better. That's why coaching, by an objective and experienced source, can help us unlock that potential and create breakthrough outcomes.


How is Samurai Success different?

Most coaches operate from a formula they've learned from an organization on how to help clients get what they want faster and easier. At Samurai Success, we subscribe to the belief that everyone is unique. Everyone is complex. Everyone's world and perspective is different. We don't believe that one coaching model fits all sizes.


After we understand what is unique about you and what makes you tick then we employ our Flexible Structural Coaching Modeltm that is designed to meet your personal and professional needs.


How do I benefit from working with Samurai Success?

You will benefit by creating functional, adaptable, sustainable, performance-based behaviors that will last and serve you for a lifetime.


Given that each of us is unique - including our beliefs and desires - then the result of working with Samurai Success will be unique to each of us. When you first meet with your coach, you will get very clear on what outcomes are important to your professional and personal coaching sessions.


Once you are clear about that, we'll create a plan on how to achieve those results in a specific amount of time. By achieving, celebrating and anchoring the results, these behaviors become a natural part of who you are and continue long after your relationship with your coach has been completed.


How do I measure results from coaching?

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Flexible Structural Coaching Modeltm is that we can take the intangible and make it tangible. From our studies in neuro-linguistic programming we know that change begins in the general, yet happens in the specific.


We do this through an effective system of identifying measurements that are important to you in the areas you most want to focus on. You and your coach design and plan within specific time frames to achieve a desired result.


How do I get started?

You can send an email today to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Leave us your phone number, email address and a little information about yourself and we'll call you right back to discuss your needs.

How can I find information on upcoming Samurai events and programs?

Click on this link Samurai Seminars for more information.




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